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Job monitoring

Job monitoring

Queue status

To view information about jobs located in the SLURM scheduling queue use the squeue command.


The columns in the above output represent the below:

  • JOBID: job ID
  • PARTITION: partition (queue)
  • NAME: job name
  • USER: username
  • ST: Job State/Status
    • R: Running
    • PD: PenDing
    • TO: TimedOut
    • S: Suspended
    • CD: Completed
    • CA: CAncelled
    • F: Failed
    • NF: Node Failure
  • TIME: time used by the job
  • NODES: number of nodes requested
  • NODELIST: list of nodes occupied by the job

To vuew only the jobs of a specific user the -u option is used:

squeue -u username

Job information

To view detailed job information use the scontrol command as below.

scontrol show job job_id

The above command can be useful to check the estimated StartTime of your queued job.

Job deletion

To cancel a job use the scancel command.

scancel job_id

To cancel all running jobs of a specific user use the -u option.

scancel -u username