Supercomputing Resources

Access to the supercomputing clusters can be given to users either through preparatory access or production access after the application is peer reviewed.

Virtual Machine Hosting

For projects or apps that require special environments with specific packages there are many virtualization tools taht can be employed to accomodate almost any computing needs.

Resources Usage Support

We have in-depth guides on how to effectively use the resources. Please do visit the Documentation and have a read, in the case where you are still unable find a solution you can contact us directly by raising a ticket.

Web App Hosting

For web applications that need to be deployed publicly we have the ability to host them on our servers.

Apps Development

Through collaborations and partnerships with other organizations we do develop applications and tools to create platforms for projects to run on.


We have intricate data pipelines set up to accomodate the most demanding projects without effecting the overall performance of the clusters.

Cloud storage

We host a cloud storage service using Nextcloud where users can keep their data synced with their personal machines for access anywhere. Nextcloud also supports file sharing, downloading, uploading and more.

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